Wordshed - Play Development Workshops

What is Wordshed? WORDSHED is a workshop program open to all playwrights and all plays, no matter what stage of development they are at. You can bring 10 pages or a complete draft. It's up to you and what your needs are in the development of your work. Members are asked to submit their plays which are read by an APN dramaturg who then meets with you to discuss and strategize how best to use the 3.5 hour session. Again, this strategy is based upon what each playwright needs. Is there a character journey that you want to focus on? Do you want to look at plot? Theme? Subplots? Structure? Do you just want to hear the play out loud? It's up to you.

APN hires 3 to 4 actors to participate in WORDSHED. These actors will read all of the parts of all of the participating plays. We cannot guarantee that the actors will be the right gender, age or ethnicity for the roles in your play, but we can guarantee that we will hire the best workshop actors for the process. Most of the time, the importance of a workshop is simply hearing the words on the page spoken out loud.

Upcoming dates: Calgary - TBA        Edmonton - November 9&10, 2015


What is a Play Development Workshop? A Play Development Workshop is an opportunity for a writer with a completed draft of a play to have the work read by professional actors under the direction of a professional director/dramaturg and to have feedback generated by these professionals. The writer is provided an opportunity to hear their work read out loud and to receive guided feedback and response from other artistic voices. This process is meant to answer questions and provide clarity for the writer of the work.


 Valerie Planche & Tony Eyamie reading  The Wall  by Jonathan Chapman

Valerie Planche & Tony Eyamie reading The Wall by Jonathan Chapman