Alberta Playwrights' Network is a not-for-profit provincial organization of emerging and established playwrights, dramaturgs, and supporters of playwriting. The society was incorporated in 1985, borne out of a playwrights' group that predates 1985. 

Our members come from across the province in both rural and urban communities, with the largest portion of our membership residing in Calgary and Edmonton. We strive to be a truly province-wide organization, with representation from all corners of the province,

We believe that Alberta Playwrights' Network enriches the lives and artistic experiences of all Albertans. For more information on APN, you can purchase Scripting A Province: A History of the APN which documents and chronicles the first 25 years of the organization.



"Developing Alberta playwrights at all stages for all stages..."

Alberta Playwrights' Network exists to nurture Albertan playwrights and provide support for the development of their plays. APN promotes the province's playwrights and plays to the theatre community, while building and fostering a network of playwrights through education, advocacy, and outreach. 

Network - noun - [net-wurk] - an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information, or the like.

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Take a more detailed look into APN's history by reading Scripting A Province: A History of the APN/Theatre 100: Celebrating 100 Theatre Practitioners Over 100 Years.

Scripting A Province: A History of the APN documents the past 25 years of this organization, devoted to the development of plays and playwrights in the province of Alberta. Written, researched and compiled by Trevor Rueger, with additional writings by playwrights Eugene Stickland and Conni Massing, the book chronicles both the highs and the lows of the associations past to the present.

Scripting A Province has been published with a second printing of Theatre 100, edited by Shari Wattling. Originally published in 2006, Theatre 100 is a celebratory book honouring 100 pioneers who have been monumental in shaping Alberta’s theatrical landscape. 

Scripting A Province & Theatre 100
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