Alberta Playwriting Competition History of Results

Alberta Playwrights’ Network has been running the competition since 1993.

52nd Annual (2018) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: Cipher by Ellen Close & Braden Griffiths
Shortlisted Plays: The Ministry of Grace by Tara Beagan, Charlie Horse by Megan Dart, The Silver Arrow by Mieko Ouchi

Novitiate Prize: The Space Between Stars by Christine Lesiak

 Jury: Catherine Banks, Elyne Quan, Megan Watson

51st Annual (2017) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: The Blue Hour by Michele Vance Hehir
Shortlisted Plays: The Takeoff by Collin Doyle, A Beginner's Guide to Floating by Nicole Moeller, Easter Island by David van Belle, Premium Content by David Walker, Do This In Memory of Me by Catherine Walsh

Novitiate Prize: Dark Am I, Yet Lovely by Becky MacDormand

 Jury: Kelli Fox, Colleen Murphy, Dr. Andrew Loman

50th Annual (2016) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: Irma Voth by Chris Craddock

Shortlisted Plays - Cleave by Elena Belyea, Matara by Conni Massing, Benefit by Matthew MacKenzie 

Novitiate Prize: Deadstock by Bevin Dooley 
Jury: Tara Beagan, Trina Davies, and Jamie Dunsdon

49th Annual (2015) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: The Blogfather by Ken Cameron
Discovery Prize: The Long Walk Home by Liane Faulder 
Jury: Joanna Falck, Natalie Meisner, and Valerie Pearson

48th Annual (2014) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: Helmut’s Big Day by James Wade
Discovery Prize: Before the Night Takes Us by Ryan Reese
Jury: David Copelin, Hal Kerbes, Daryl Cloran

47th Annual (2013) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize:  Last Chance Leduc by Katherine Koller
Discovery Prize: Ascending the Blue by Ryan Reese
Jury: Gordon Pengilly, Barrett Hileman, Janet Munsil

46th Annual (2012)

Grand Prize: Let the Light of Day Through by Collin Doyle
Discovery Prize: Mud by Makambe Simamba
Jury: Mieko Ouchi, Aaron Bushkowsky, Erica Kopyto

45th Annual (2011)

Grand Prize Category: Sequence by Arun Lakra
Discovery Category: Super 8 by Mark Hopkins and Charles Netto
Jury: DD Kugler, Andy Curtis, Katherine Koller

44th Annual (2010)

Grand Prize Category: SIA by Matthew Mackenzie
Discovery Category: Barren Beasts by Jeremy Park
Jury: Kevin McKendrick, Bob White, Cathleen Rootsaert

43rd Annual (2009)

Grand Prize Category: Blood: A Scientific Romance by Meg Braem
Discovery Category: Keeping Your Distance by Jeremy Park
Jury: Thomas Usher, Patricia Darbasie, Kelly Reay

42nd Annual (2008)

Grand Prize Category:  The Wall by R. Jonathan Chapman
Discovery Category: My Name Is… by Michele Vance Hehir
Jury: Conni Massing, Val Planche, Donna Spence

41st Annual (2007)

Grand Prize Category: Waxworks by Trina Davies
Discovery Category: The Lonely Hearts by Jana O’Connor
Jury: James McDonald, Jenny Munday, Glenda Stirling