Alberta Playwrighting Competition History of Results

Alberta Playwrights’ Network has been running the competition since 1993.

51st Annual (2017) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: To Be Announced
Shortlisted Plays: The Takeoff by Collin Doyle, A Beginner's Guide to Floating by Nicole Moeller, Easter Island by David van Belle, The Blue Hour by Michele Vance Hehir, Premium Content by David Walker, Do This In Memory of Me by Catherine Walsh

Novitiate Prize: Dark Am I, Yet Lovely by Becky MacDormand

 Jury: To Be Announced

50th Annual (2016) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: Irma Voth by Chris Craddock

Shortlisted Plays - Cleave by Elena Belyea, Matara by Conni Massing, Benefit by Matthew MacKenzie 

Novitiate Prize: Deadstock by Bevin Dooley 
Jury: Tara Beagan, Trina Davies, and Jamie Dunsdon

49th Annual (2015) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: The Blogfather by Ken Cameron
Discovery Prize: The Long Walk Home by Liane Faulder 
Jury: Joanna Falck, Natalie Meisner, and Valerie Pearson

48th Annual (2014) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize: Helmut’s Big Day by James Wade
Discovery Prize: Before the Night Takes Us by Ryan Reese
Jury: David Copelin, Hal Kerbes, Daryl Cloran

47th Annual (2013) co-presented with Theatre Alberta

Grand Prize:  Last Chance Leduc by Katherine Koller
Discovery Prize: Ascending the Blue by Ryan Reese
Jury: Gordon Pengilly, Barrett Hileman, Janet Munsil

46th Annual (2012)

Grand Prize: Let the Light of Day Through by Collin Doyle
Discovery Prize: Mud by Makambe Simamba
Jury: Mieko Ouchi, Aaron Bushkowsky, Erica Kopyto

45th Annual (2011)

Grand Prize Category: Sequence by Arun Lakra
Discovery Category: Super 8 by Mark Hopkins and Charles Netto
Jury: DD Kugler, Andy Curtis, Katherine Koller

44th Annual (2010)

Grand Prize Category: SIA by Matthew Mackenzie
Discovery Category: Barren Beasts by Jeremy Park
Jury: Kevin McKendrick, Bob White, Cathleen Rootsaert

43rd Annual (2009)

Grand Prize Category: Blood: A Scientific Romance by Meg Braem
Discovery Category: Keeping Your Distance by Jeremy Park
Jury: Thomas Usher, Patricia Darbasie, Kelly Reay

42nd Annual (2008)

Grand Prize Category:  The Wall by R. Jonathan Chapman
Discovery Category: My Name Is… by Michele Vance Hehir
Jury: Conni Massing, Val Planche, Donna Spence

41st Annual (2007)

Grand Prize Category: Waxworks by Trina Davies
Discovery Category: The Lonely Hearts by Jana O’Connor
Jury: James McDonald, Jenny Munday, Glenda Stirling