Individual Membership

Individual Membership
Individual Membership

Individual Membership


Individual Membership - A one year membership providing access to all of the programming and services APN has to offer.

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Alberta Playwrights’ Network members:

  • have access our programming to develop themselves as a playwright.
  • have exposure to many playwrights and other theatre professionals in the province.
  • have access our script development programming to develop their work.
  • Have access to resources on and about the business of playwriting (including advocacy, submission catalogue, and FAQ’s).
  • Are provided weekly information about current playwriting competitions, and submission calls from all over the world.
  • have voice and vote at the Annual General Meeting. 

After purchasing your initial membership, you will be contacted annually to remind you to renew. We have three renewal dates annually (September, January & May). Your renewal month will be the month closest to the date of your initial purchase.