2016 Alberta playwriting competition

produced in association with Theatre Alberta.

The shortlist of plays for the Grand Prize of the 50th Annual Alberta Playwriting Competition were announced on Monday, June 27 at the Sterling Awards in Edmonton.

And they are (in alphabetical order by playwright)

Cleave by Elena Belyea (Edmonton)

Irma Voth by Chris Craddock (Edmonton)

Benefit by Matthew MacKenzie (Edmonton)

Matara by Conni Massing (Edmonton)

The recipient of the Grand Prize will be announced on August 22 at the Betty Mitchell Awards in Calgary.

Keep your eyes on our website as the shortlisted plays will be available for reading in the coming weeks.


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  • produce the 49th Annual Alberta Playwriting Competition
  • host a workshop on Writing Musical Theatre w. Joe Slabe.
  • provide mentorship and career development to 8 emerging playwrights.
  • provide prizes for Outstanding New Play to the Alberta Drama Festival Association.
  • develop a host of Alberta voices, writing Alberta stories.

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Our heartfelt sympathies go out to all those affected by these devastating wildfires. 
While the immediate danger has passed, it will be many years before the community is back on its feet. To assist the community, Alberta Playwrights' Network has made a donation of $1 per member of our organization on behalf of you all.
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