APN 30 for 30

Alberta Playwrights' Network is turning 30!

To celebrate, we are having a fundraiser. 

And all we are asking for is $30. From 1000 people. That’s $30,000.00.

$30,000, 30 dollars at a time, to celebrate 30 years of helping Alberta writers get Alberta stories onto stages here in Alberta and round the world. And on November 28th we are throwing a 30th Birthday Party. 

APN is a small organization. $30,000 is about a quarter of our current annual budget. For our members, the workshop process is one of our key services, at a cost of about $750 a day for a director and cast of 4 professional actors, plus space, photocopying, admin, etc. this $30000 could allow our membership to access upwards of 40 workshop days, to allow their works to grow. And to enable more writers to develop their craft as Alberta story-tellers.

So please click the "30 for 30" button below to contribute 1 of 1000 $30 donations to help us reach our goal.

If you are interested in attending our YYC Event: Commission (details below) click the "30 for 30" button to get your ticket in advance. November 28th - At the APN Offices - Doors open at 7 - Show starts at 8.

Click here to donate $30 or buy $30 tickets or commission $30 words

Donations to Date: 80 donations for $2,930.00 - Thanks to those who have donated already.

On November 28th, APN will be a hosting a Birthday Bash in Calgary (at the APN offices), there will be drinks, music, a silent auction, and a chance to contribute to our brand new party game sensation - Commission.

Commission pits four Alberta playwrights against each other in a high-stakes elimination conflict, where only one play will reach it’s potential. Playwrights are each given a list of words – actions, objects, locations, occupations, emotions, etc – that they will have 30 minutes to incorporate into a play.  Professional actors will read the works aloud to be critiqued by a team of expert judges. Each round – (Exposition, Complication, and Denouement), one play is Rejected until the last writer is awarded the precious Contract for Production. 


$30,000 over 30 days, $30 at a time, to celebrate 30 years of APN.

But that's not all!

There is online auction filled with great items including Star Wars Pez dispensers, ATP Celebrity Hors d'oeuvres Tickets, wine and a Luxury Accommodation at Captain's Inn on Vancouver Island! These items and much, much more are available to bid on in APN's online auction!

Register online and start bidding! The auction will close December 14, 2015.

Special Thank You To Our Donors So Far...