2019 Year of Entertainment Raffle

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calling all members!!!

The APN Board of Directors are in the beginning stages of developing a large annual fundraiser. The “Year of Entertainment” raffle is going to be one of the largest undertakings the APN board has taken on. There will be two raffles: Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta. Our goal is to collect donated experiences from Alberta businesses such as, breweries, theatres, entertainment providers and outdoor adventures to build one year’s worth of fun for one lucky winner in Northern Alberta and one lucky winner in Southern Alberta. All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to maintaining and expanding APN’s current programming. This is an ambitious, but exciting challenge and we are looking for your help!

If you are interested in lending a hand with our raffle fundraiser the Board of Directors will be setting up two raffle committees one in Calgary and one in Edmonton. The raffle committee will be responsible for contacting potential donors, collecting donations and organizing the collections so that everything is absolutely perfect for draw day! There are several amazing benefits to joining this committee: 

  • Networking - this is your chance to socialize with other playwrights, chat about writing, and share the things you've been working on. 

  • Give Back - over the years APN has offered countless programs, valuable advice, and meaningful research for playwrights. This is an opportunity to give back to the organization. 

If you are interested in joining our raffle fundraiser committees, or helping us to sell tickets later this year, please email - raffle2019@albertaplaywrights.com - and express your interest and what area you are in (Northern Alberta or Southern Alberta). Our first meeting(s) will be held at the beginning of March based on the availability of those members willing to lend a hand. 

The aim of the "Year of Entertainment" raffle is to provide much needed funding to APN so that we can continue to provide meaningful programming for all playwrights and to expand our offering so that our members can get the most out of our organization. WE know you care about APN as much as we do and we're looking forward to seeing some friendly faces and helping hands in the future!

Thank you for supporting our work and our future.


The Board of Directors
Alberta Playwrights' Network