APN Play Catalogue

One of the ways we feel we can best support our membership it to assist in advocating for their work and getting their plays into the hands of producers.

The play catalogue is how we do it.

APN's play catalogue is a document that consists of strong works that have been assisted in their development by the dramaturgical staff of Alberta Playwrights’ Network.  APN mails this document to theatre producers across Canada in hopes that they find it of use when thinking about their future programming. 

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Selection Criteria

All the plays selected have these commonalities:

  • Its playwright is Albertan
  • Its development was assisted by Alberta Playwrights’ Network, usually within the last year.

The Catalogue is split into the following 6 Categories:

  1. Award Winners
  2. Produced Plays
  3. Published Plays
  4. Workshop Development
  5. Notable Plays in Development
  6. TYA/Family

Selection Proceeds Thusly:

  • The Grand Prize and Discovery Prize winners of the Alberta Playwriting Competition from the previous year are automatically selected.
  • The APN Programming Document (Record of all APN Script Development Activities from previous year (Jan-Dec) is used to determine eligibility for almost all other selected plays.   In this case, the plays may be selected from one of the following spheres of the programming document:
    • Dramaturgical Consultations
    • WORDSHED or other workshop/public reading opportunities.
    • Partnered development opportunities like the IGNITE! Festival for Emerging Artists, SkirtsAfire etc.
    • Scripts that have been picked up for production or won an award.
  • This includes a recent production or publication of a play that has been assisted in the past and hasn’t been represented in a catalogue for 3 years.
  • A qualitative assessment from the APN Dramaturgical Staff is undertaken to determine further suitability by answering this question: is the play ready to be shown to producers for production consideration or further development?