The Interchange Arts Hub YYC

A multi-company, multi-purpose facility providing low cost office and rehearsal space for resident companies and short-term renters. 

It is a creative hot-spot and resource for artists in the city of Calgary.

CURRENT PARTNER MANAGERS                                                                                              Scorpio Theatre, Verb Theatre, Inside Out Theatre

What is a Partner Manager? A Partner Manager Organization is one that has committed to a 3-year lease with the Interchange. This allows your organization to have voice and vote on the operations of the Interchange. Each Partner Manager will designate a representative to sit on the board of the Interchange and that board oversees the operations, management & vision of the organization. For more information and to download the rate sheet, click here.

For booking information or to view the site contact

Office Spaces


Dimensions - 11.5' x 8'

Our office spaces are ideal for organizations with 2 - 3 staff members. Located on the top floor of a third floor walk up, each office has a separately keyed door. The building features card key security. Your rental provides you with access to all of the shared resources and spaces within the facility.

Rental Rates

$650 + GST per month (for Partner Manager Organizations***)

$550 + GST per month (non Partner Manager Organizations)  

Rehearsal Space


Dimensions - 16.5' x 28'

The Rehearsal Space is a purpose built, private space. Ideal for producers who produce in the Joyce Doolittle (Pumphouse) or the Motel (Arts Commons). Currently there is lots of availability as the resident company, when in rehearsal, rehearses two evenings and one weekend day. Onsite storage for props and set pieces. 

Rental Rates

Not For Profit - $15 per hour / $90 per 8 hour day / $540 per six day week

For Profit -  $20 per hour / $120 per 8 hour day / $720 per six day week

The Imaginasium


Dimensions - 17.5' x 25.5'

The Imaginasium is multi-purpose room functions as meeting, board room and a smaller secondary rehearsal space. It's also a great quiet space for working or eating your lunch. 

Rental Rates 

Not For Profit - $10 per hour / $60 per 8 hour day / $360 per 6 day week

For Profit - $15 per hour / $90 per 8 hour day / $540 per 6 day week