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Individualized exchange with an APN dramaturg

Questions about playwriting? Want to talk to someone about your idea for a play? Need some motivation to help you get your first draft done?
This is the service for YOU.

Dramaturgy a la Carte is tailored to each individual’s need and includes a casual one-on-one exchange with an APN dramaturg. Sit down and get the guidance, advice, or encouragement you need. Just give us a call and we’ll set you up, no matter where you are with your play.

The name Dramaturgy a la Carte speaks to the many ways a dramaturg may help a playwright, as well as this program’s readiness to offer what is best suited to each playwright’s needs. These needs may include guidance on plot, character, dialogue, or larger themes within the play. It may also assist a playwright in determining where to start with their concept, or figuring out what the next step is for their finished script. 

Our goal is to provide a flexible service, tailored to your needs, and connecting with us is how we do that best!  

Check our 'Contact Us page' to start getting the dramaturgy you want and need!